Elite Cannabis & Hash Festival: The Karma Cup 2018 Sep 8-9

When you hear about a Karma Cup judges kit, it is difficult to comprehend. Cannabis competitions are not new and there are more and more happening all over the world as cannabis prohibition starts to crumble, but the Karma Cup Judges Kit is truly something special.

126 Cannabis products and 15 glass entries to be judged over a three week period culminating in a two day festival in downtown Toronto, a mere 49 days away from legalization. It sounds unbelievable to some but for Sarah Sunday, the founder and producer of The 5th Annual Karma Cup it is a shining example of what determination and hard work can achieve.

There has been challenges to running a cup in the midst of dispensary raids in Toronto but Sarah and the Karma Cup team have not only succeeded, they have exceeded expectations of judges, vendors, and attendees every year and this year was no exception.

Opening up a Karma Cup judges kit this year meant you had luggage to carry! Beyond the large overnight bag of various cannabis samples, judges were also handed a separate swag bag, Karma Cup T-shirt, and one of three custom Karma Cup Torches ,many of the swag items and poster feature late activist, Shane King, as tribute to his support of the Karma Cup and the cannabis community, which touched hearts in a way no other swag bag ever has.

Besides the aforementioned t-shirt and torch, the actual swag bag was full of amazing toys! Dab mats by Diamond Extracts and The Karma Cup, Rolling papers from Pure Hemp, Green GO, and Gizeh, seeds from Jordan of the Island, and even more cannabis products available for sampling after you get through that behemoth judges kit including some High Voltage Extracts, Edibles, and Diamond Extracts.

The Karma Cup Festival takes place September 8-9th (Secret Location TBA). Hosting duties from Craig X of Expert Joints and CLN featuring live glass blowing demos, music, and vendors. Diamond Sponsors 1Leaf and Fukashima Pre-Roll Factory will be showcasing some of their amazing products. Remo from Remo Nutrients will be available all weekend to help you find the right nutrients for your soon to be legal plants and who knows what you will find in Maryjane’s Closet!

The Karma Cup Speakers Series will take place in conjunction with the festival all weekend long at Vapor Central, 667 Yonge Street. Featuring experts in the cannabis industry covering important topics like Cannabis and Tenant Law, Cannabis Consumption Lounges,Cannabis Amnesty, Home Growing, and Transitioning Your Cannabis Business. There are topics of interest for everyone!

If you are unable to attend, check out some of the live coverage from media sponsors CLN, POT TV, EXpert Joints and Dopechef Media.

To learn more check out https://thekarmacup.com/
Tickets available in advance: https://www.universe.com/events/the-karma-cup-cannabis-festival-tickets-toronto-76N1W8



Cannadian Chronicle

Cannadian Chronicle


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