Flatlands Infused Pop-up Dinner: Puff Puff Pass


Chef Allan Pineda, a cannabis medical prescription patient and food industry collaborator, founded Flatlands Infused dinner events in 2016. Collaborating with influential chefs in the industry, these popular and deliciously green-themed gourmet dinners are monthly and highly anticipated occasions, where members of the community can celebrate good food, good company in a welcoming and safe environment.

Location:  TBA

Time:  8:00 pm

Details: Flower Tasting, four-course gourmet dishes with Spanish tones, paella (and possibly some Arancini!)

 Tickets sell quickly! DM @flatlandsinfused

Sponsored by: @sunshinerosin and @berdepharms 

Stay tuned for our upcoming Wake and Bake cannabis friendly brunch!
DM @flatlandsinfused for details.

Cannadian Chronicle

Cannadian Chronicle


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